Woodlawn Manor Wedding Alexandria VA Bubble Exit

Woodlawn Manor Wedding Alexandria VA Bubble Exit

Special wedding reception exits have gained in popularity over the last decade. Historically, rice was thrown as you left the church, symbolizing rain on your wedding day and bestowing prosperity, good luck, and fertility on the happy couple. But no couple wants to have to pick rice out of their hair and clothes before the reception.

Due to this and environmental concerns, throwing rice has gone out of style. Couples started finding ways to have a dramatic exit, without all the cleanup.

Here are some special exits that we've captured over our almost a decade working in the DMV region with their pros and cons for you to consider for your wedding day.

  • Sparklers. These are by far the most popular of the reception exits. The light is dramatic and it really makes for dynamic end of the night photos. Things to consider, if you think your guests are going to be a bit tipsy at the end of the night (drunk people with fire not always a good idea!), grab about 20 of your closest friends and stage this earlier in the night. Also, make sure the sparklers are long enough so they don't burn out before you get to the end of walkway. Lastly, check with your venue if they allow this kind of exit.
  • Confetti. A bit messy, like rice, but fun if done right. Once again, DC is full of historic venues and museums that might not allow for this unless you pay extra for the clean up.
  • Glow sticks. Not quite as bright as sparklers, but colorful and fun. You'll need a photographer that knows how to light this just right so you can capture the ambiance and keep you well lit.
  • Bubbles. With almost no clean up, bubbles are a lot of fun. These are harder to light, but when done right, it's beautiful. Have your guests start blowing bubbles about 30 seconds before you make your exit.

Special exit photos are the perfect way to end the night, as well as your custom made wedding album. Just be sure to check with your venue for any restrictions before you spend the money on your grand exit supplies.

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