Wedding at Whitehall Estate in Bluemont Virginia

Wedding at Whitehall Estate in Bluemont Virginia

The wedding recessional is one of the most overlooked, but happiest parts of a couple's wedding day. Just after the first kiss, we have yet to encounter a couple that isn't grinning from ear to ear as they make their way back down the aisle after vowing their lives to each other. 

This couple had their friends and family toss rose petals at their beautiful May ceremony at Whitehall Estate in the hills of Bluemont, Virginia. The red petals popped against the lush green spring colors. Their smiles were infectious and their guests cheered them on and they made their way down the aisle. They escaped off to the porch of the beautiful historic house while waiting to capture some portraits with their families after the ceremony.

Location: 18301 Whitehall Estate Ln, Bluemont, VA 20135.