St. Mary's Catholic Church Wedding Alexandria VA

St. Mary's Catholic Church Wedding Alexandria VA

When you are searching for the best Washington DC wedding photographer to capture your day from beginning to end, be sure to take a look at their whole portfolio. Sure, those epic shots with dramatic light can draw you in, but what about the rest of the day? Will the photographer you chose be able to anticipate and capture the moments as they happen during your wedding day? 

This couple chose to have a full mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Alexandria, Virginia. Many Catholic churches have strict rules regarding photography. When looking for a photographer for your Catholic wedding ceremony, some of the questions to ask is how will they approach your wedding day? Do they have long lenses that can capture intimate moments, yet not be intrusive? Can their cameras handle low light situations where flash isn't allowed? 

Here in this photo, it looks like Steve was very close to the couple, when in reality, he used a very long lens from a side aisle to capture this moment, not interfering with the solemnity of the ceremony and the vows the couple were about to exchange. 

Years of experience and training with some of the top wedding photographers in the world have prepared Steve and Jane to capture moments just like this. They not only are well trained with light, off camera and natural, but seeing special moments as they happening and being in the right place to capture them. 

Location: 310 S Royal Street Alexandria, VA 22314.