St Francis Hall Washington DC wedding

St Francis Hall Washington DC wedding

St. Francis hall is a surprising and one of a kind find for a wedding in Washington DC. Formally, part of a monastery, it offers a ceremony and reception venue that is reminiscent of a church in the tuscany region of italy, yet nestled in the heart of our nation's capitol. 

Located on Quincy st in northeast, it was built in 1931. This location boasts free parking for your wedding guest, a rare find in the city. It's also just across the street from the Franciscan Monastery. the Monastery grounds provide stunning backdrops for your wedding day formals and a quiet location for your guests to visit in between your ceremony and reception. Here, they can contemplate life and the beauty of all that a quiet monasterial life has to offer. the perfectly manicured gardens are gorgeous no matter what time of year you decide to take your vows. The winter gardens are stark but the warm tones of the church and covered walkways give a welcoming feel to your wedding. In the spring, roses and beautiful perennial flowers bloom and give vibrant tones to the backdrop to any portrait setting. 

Inside the hall, the arched side halls are lined with beautiful decorative lights, adding an additional element of background lighting that will set your wedding apart. 

Tuscany is far from Washington D.C. but you can have a slice of it if you choose St. Francis hall. 

Location: 1340 Quincy St NE, Washington, DC 20017.