Senate Park Wedding Party Portraits Washington DC

Senate Park Wedding Party Portraits Washington DC

DC is a city that is always changing. Government officials come and go, as do the people that work for them. Many people arrive just out of college looking for that perfect job. So many of these young single professionals also find the love of their lives in our beautiful city. 

Even if they don't end up staying here after they get married, DC is a popular destination wedding location due to this. Couples want to bring their family and friends from across the country to celebrate their nuptials in the city that brought them together. 

The stately government buildings are a lovely and meaningful backdrop for their formal photos. Many couples build some extra time into their wedding day timeline to stop at the monuments, museums, and especially the Capitol building. 

While you are having your portraits captured, your family and friends can relax between the ceremony and reception. No one is rushed and when you arrive at your reception, you can even enjoy your cocktail hour with your loved ones. 

Some locations require a permit for professional photography, so be sure to check with the local agencies, such as the National Park Service. If you are unsure after reading their websites, call to verify. If you choose us to capture your wedding, we call all the agencies and arrange for the permits, you just need to pay any permit fees. We want your wedding day to go smooth and easily. Being stopped and not having a permit can take time away from the portraits you have planned your day around.