Meridian Hill Park Wedding Portraits Washington D.C.

Meridian Hill Park Wedding Portraits Washington D.C.

The Josephine Butler Parks Center is a historic house and wedding venue located in Northwest DC. Named after Josephine Butler, the daughter of sharecroppers and the granddaughter of slaves. Josephine was one of Washington D.C.'s admired and well regarded inner city leaders. She was passionate about the city's parks, and worked to make sure children had a safe place to play. 

This couple chose the historic house which sits across from Meridian Hill Park, home to a beautiful multilevel tuscan style fountain. Private wooded paths and stairs lead up to the wide open space used by many local residents for organized sports or just lounging on a warm afternoon. The park has many locations that make a perfect backdrop for your wedding day portraits, whether it's just you and your new spouse or your entire wedding party. 

Here at one of the two grand staircases at the top of the fountain, Steve and Jane stopped to capture this moment in the beautiful June afternoon sunlight. The brides smile reflects how happy she is to have married her groom. The lilies and other greenery seclude them from the park visitors and give them a quiet moment to reflect on the vows they have just promised to each other. 

After this portrait session, the couple walked back over to the Josephine Butler Parks Center to celebrate their union at their beer and bacon themed wedding. 

Location: 2400 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20009.