Luxury Washington DC Wedding Photography

Luxury Washington DC Wedding Photography

While many wedding traditions are changing here in the DC Metro area, one western tradition that is standing the test of time, is the first kiss. In Roman times, kissing was a legal bond that sealed all contracts. In some Christian circles, kissing signifies the joining of two souls. 

When making your wedding day must have photo list, all western couples list the first kiss. What are some ways you can make this first kiss photo worthy and be sure your photographer captures the moment. Here are a few tips for you. 

  • Length of the kiss! A simple quick peck on the lips won't do on the wedding day. To quote the Cranberries..."LET IT LINGER!" Of course, you don't want to be counting the seconds while you wait to here a few shutter clicks from your photographer. Just be in the moment, and let it last! 
  • No sloppy kisses. This isn't the honeymoon, this is the end of your ceremony in front of all your friends and family. A simple lasting kiss with minimal tongue is best. (Yes, I went there! Your grandmother doesn't want to see that!)
  • Kindly ask your officiant to step to the side after they announce you newly married. Nothing is worse than seeing the officiant's head in the middle of a first kiss. 
  • Embrace! Put your arms around each other, or a hand on your new spouse's neck. Be in the moment. Kiss each other like you just walked in the door from a short trip. 

Keeping all this in mind, remember you've just vowed to spend your life with your best friend, celebrate and enjoy your first kiss! 

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