dc area fine art bridal portraits

dc area fine art bridal portraits

As wedding photographers in the washington dc area, we are often asked to create fine art portraits for our wedding clients. 

there are so many words that wedding photographers use to describe their work these days.  these descriptive terms can include any of the following terms:

  • artistic
  • documentary
  • editorial
  • traditional
  • fine art
  • journalistic
  • posed
  • candid

we always love it when our clients are able to articulate what they are looking for with their wedding photography, especially with their portraits!

this image is a wonderful example of the fine art portraits that we offer to our wedding clients.  

the beautiful black and white film treatment of the digital image evokes a timeless, fine art feel.  the cinematic, dramatic lighting also adds to that fine art appeal of this image.  the quiet, thoughtful pose of the bride also adds to the fine art vibe of the portrait.

we'd love to talk to you about your wedding day portraits and the final look and feel that you'd like to achieve with your images.

do you want a wedding photographer who mostly documents the moments of your wedding day, keeping a hands-off approach to the coverage?

do you want a wedding photographer who has a hand in guiding your day, helping you set up poses and scenarios from the getting ready all the way through the cutting of the cake?

do you want your images to look like they're straight out of a fashion magazine, spending hours posing in different locations with a heavy emphasis on the dramatic aspect of the poses and scenarios?

do you want an elegant, fine art look and feel to your wedding day images and photography experience?

if you know exactly what you'd like with your wedding photography, we'd love to chat with you.  we'd also love to talk to you if you're not sure, and you want to talk through your needs to find the photography approach that best suits your desires?

we'd love to be the wedding photographers that work with you on your wedding day to achieve the fine art portraits of your dreams!