Best DC Metro Station Wedding Portraits

Best DC Metro Station Wedding Portraits

A wedding day can be a hectic and crazy thing if you don't budget your time wisely. When hiring a wedding photographer and looking at the portraits on their site, keep in mind that some of those epic and unique photos that draw you in take time and planning. Steve and Jane offer wedding day timeline consulting along with their photography services to ensure you have the enough time to create a few artistic and one of a kind photographs from your wedding day. 

When planning for these type of shots, you need to factor in travel time, set up time, and sometimes even time to wait for pedestrians or traffic to clear for the best shot possible. This couple scheduled a four hour after wedding portrait session so they would have plenty of time to travel around DC. The first stop was the Dupont Circle metro center. It was the start of rush hour on a weekday afternoon, but Jane knew a quiet spot that she could take the couple away from the crowds. With the help of her lighting assistant, she added in just the right amount of light to highlight the couple, but still preserve the look of the metro's dim and dramatic feel. The bride's veil was long and the breeze from a passing train picked it up just right. 

After this, the couple chose to stop at the old Iranian Embassy. With it's beautiful tiled facade, it's well know in the city even though it's been closed for decades. 

The couple finished their session at the Jefferson Memorial. The bride's family was visiting from her home country of Iran, so they joined the couple at the Tidal Basin for a few family photos along with more portraits of the couple. 

Location: 1525 20th St. NW, Washington, DC 20036.